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Guaranteed Software is a full-service development agency backed by a vast experience in working with enterprise-level clients. We only employ senior talent and we offer each of our customers 100% personal attention. In terms of work style, we love the agile project management system, but we can adapt to any other system preferred by the client.

CTO, Senior Software Architect

Daniel Dragic

As our CTO, a proactive team leader, and a highly valued software engineer with over 15 years of building enterprise software solutions, Daniel continues to pioneer the Guaranteed Software initiative of constant innovation and high-impact client delivery.

CEO and Founder

Leon McCottry

Leon has been actively involved in the IT industry as a software architect and engineer for over two decades. He originally founded Guaranteed Software to fulfill his vision -- that a company created of IT professionals, by IT professionals with an emphasis on abstract, business goal-oriented thinking, would uniquely service the strategic needs for industry-leading corporations.

VP of Customer Success

Radu Vrabie

With over 10+ years of digital marketing under his belt, Radu has worked as a full-stack marketer with extensive experience in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay Per Click), and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization). At Guaranteed Software, he helps clients achieve and surpass their digital marketing goals with the help of innovative and highly efficient digital campaigns.

Senior Software Engineer

Sinisa Colic

Siniša is a highly-talented software engineer, engaging in many of our enterprise projects. Additionally, as a certified Magento 2 developer with 5+ years of experience, Siniša also delivers solutions for many of our multi-million dollar e-commerce clients.

Lead Design and Creative

Benjamin Toby

When it comes to visually stunning illustrations, graphic designs, modern web designs, motion design, animations, and hitting the UI & UX (user interface and user experience) like a boss, Benjamin leads the way. Gifted with the wherewithal gained from over 5 years of design industry undertakings, Benjamin has been chiefly responsible for the delivery of our most important and successful graphic outings.

Senior Software Engineer,
DevOps specialist

Luka Damjanac

Luka has over 5+ years of development and IT operations to his record. He also has a keen interest in and a knack for emerging frontend and cross-platform mobile technologies, taking the forefront for our company in these efforts.

Senior Software Engineer

Ivan Vicentijevic

Ivan is an expert in web application development with over 15 years of industry engagement. He particularly enjoys marrying legacy systems with promising, cutting-edge technologies whenever and wherever he perceives the strategic opportunity.

Senior Software Engineer,
QA specialist

Dusan Pesut

Dusan’s commitment to the meticulous implementation of automated quality assurance tests has greatly tempered his overall development approach, particularly, in valuing software robustness and software maintainability as first-class concerns. His approach and efforts, which have been seasoned by 5+ years of industry appraisal, have proven to be instrumental to our “continuous delivery with stability” strategy at Guaranteed Software.

Full-Stack Digital Marketing Specialist

Nenad Radakovic

Nenad swims in the waters of the Digital Marketing, Data Analysis, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and Content & Copy Marketing fields -- into which he has taken a deep-dive for the past 5 years. Nenad’s extensive forays into various digital marketing platforms have led to him being acknowledged as a highly-respected full-stack digital marketer, accomplishing major results for major market players.

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