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Explore new horizons with IoT

Internet of Things is currently at its infancy and is going through a phase of exponential growth. In the near future, all new smart products will have native IoT features. From cars to TVs and other household items.

We help businesses become trailblazers in this new and fascinating technological breakthrough. Regardless if you need help with solutions such as remote monitoring, remote device control, analytics, cloud integrations or more, you can rely on us to realize your vision. Our experienced developers can help you interconnect your already existing products or ones that are yet to be released.

IoT services

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make use of our experience to choose the optimal pathway for your IoT projects. This service can be contracted one-off or on an on-going basis.

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App development

we’ll create bespoke connectivity apps for your products from scratch. We can also work as part of your current development team to finalize or update a pre-existing app.

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IoT integration

you might have already set up your app and products and just need to integrate them into the IoT. Our experience of working with big data, cloud environments and API integrations will result in a fast and seamless integration for your products.

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IoT infrastructure

making use of platforms such as Amazon IoT and Azure IoT Suite we can create custom infrastructure networks. Other technologies we rely on are serverless architecture and IoT hub solutions such as Amazon Greengrass.

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IoT analytics

in order to take complete advantage of IoT integration, you also need to receive and interpret valuable data regarding the use of your devices. We can help you collect the data and create intuitive and action-oriented dashboards for you.

Thanks to the senior developers our team, the IoT services we offer are highly diversified. So even if you have a very custom request, do get in touch and discuss your project with us. It’s highly likely we’ll have an optimal solution for you regardless if you have industrial or consumer-oriented IoT projects.

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